8 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays: Jo”

  1. Nephrolepis

    Belly bands helped our chihuahua that had a penchant for peeing inside. Being proactive about taking the dog out, using belly bands, and using an enzyme cleaner on pee spots inside (I use Nature’s Miracle) should solve the problem over time — it did with my boy (who has also been featured on Dog Shaming, but for eating bras). Don’t let this be something that makes you not adopt!

    • Andrea

      I agree with that. Sometimes people shy away from adopting a dog with “problems,” but they can be worked on with a little patience and love. Sweet little Jo deserves a good home with people who will take time to work with him. And, he is a precious boy who is obviously secure enough in his masculinity to rock the pink belly band!!!!!

  2. Cara

    My senior chihuahua also wore belly bands for most of the 4 years I had him. He went straight from trauma induced peeing in the house to senility induced peeing in the house :). I hope Jo finds a new forever home soon.

    • Smartypants

      Oh dear…he was consistent! So glad you gave him a good home for his senior years.

  3. Kay

    Has Jo been neutered? Asking because I didn’t see it mentioned. My late Jack Russell Terrier lifted his leg to mark nearly every object he passed…until we got him neutered. It stopped as though we had turned off a faucet!


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