Adoptable Fridays: Pepe | Dog Shaming


This young handsome fellow was recently found as a stray but will hopefully enjoy a more pampered future.  He lives in Los Angeles, CA and is truly a gentle giant and never puts up a fuss.  His Animal ID tag is: 1483115. He loves to be petted and given his choice will spend his time following along as a trusty side-kick. While he maybe a decent size, he is well trained to follow the leash and is the best companion for anyone! He is up for adoption at the North Central Animal Care and Control Center. Please consider opening your heart and home to this wonderful dog, because you won’t find a better one. 

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3 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays: Pepe”

  1. Alex

    Oh he is delicious!! He won’t last long. He’s so beautiful. I wish I was on the west coast. He would be mine!

  2. Christina

    He just thought the distance between him and the human was to far. If he was closer I’d pick him up.


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