12 Responses to “Brick-Licker”

  1. christine

    Make sure she is not “heading” the wall on purpose – this can be an indicator of a neurological issue – I just read about this doggy issue the other day!

  2. Smartypants

    Wonder if there are tasty minerals leaching out of the brick (like salt?)

    Pretty markings!

    • Jesse's Mom

      I agree with Smartypants; Shelby is going for the minerals/salt in the bricks.

  3. Jeni

    My little kitty licked the brick around my fireplace when he was getting really sick. There is a mineral in the brick that his body needed. It might be something you want to call your vet about it. Just wanted to share. What a gorgeous puppy!

  4. mikken

    Concrete/brick licking can be a sign of anemia – best check that out to make sure she’s not coping with a medical issue.

  5. Kimball

    I was thinking the same thing about having the doggie checked out for “heading” a dangerous neuro problem.

  6. m schaberg

    LOL. Our grand-dog, a 4 month old Great dane likes to lick bricks too. she seems normal otherwise. We are not worried. It is not head pressing.


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