11 Responses to “Double Double Foil and Trouble”

  1. jess

    nahh not bad, just opportunists 🙂 Ginny sneaked out of the yard last night because my bro left the gate open. She saw the opening and went for it, just like your girls

  2. tj4vr

    How can you deny cupcakes to such beautiful dogs? And sitting so well for their picture.

  3. rlafler

    High paw, girls! I countersurfed a pan of pulled pork this weekend. YUM!!!!!

  4. carlee

    They do not look the least bit sorry!! A tad disappointed that they did not get the opportunity to eat the frosting though!!

  5. Marcia

    It was all HER! I was just trying to protect the cupcakes that were still left!


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