16 Responses to “Frito Lay-z dog!”

  1. julia1wolfe

    My ex and I wrote a ditty about the aroma of dog feet: “My dogs toes smell like Fritos/I can tell this with my nose/if he really had Fritos for toes/he’d have snacks wherever he goes….I wish I had Fritos for toes/the fact that I don’t really blows/cause if I had Fritos for toes/I’d have snacks wherever I goes!”

  2. Rhonda

    my dog wouldn’t stop licking her foot and she did it until she was limping…she ended up needing a cone and a steroid shot…she’s all better now.

  3. Beverly Farrow

    im still laughing, thank you. i needed that. Now im laughing at crackkid and the dog standing in the sink.

  4. Liz

    My dogs feet have always smelled like ‘clean fritos’ I love the smell and they’ve never had a yeast infection.

  5. Kim

    A lot of dirty short-haired dogs smell like fritos. I think it’s the oil on their skin. If your dog is licking his feet, it’s more likely an allergy. One of my dogs has a ragweed allergy (hayfever). It’s a contact allergy, so it’s good to wash their feet regulary to keep it off them. And avoid the woods from August-November.

  6. Val

    Dilute some apple cider vinegar and water. Half and half, Put in a container and put each foot in it and then dry or let dry. This will kill any yeast infection. I keep a spray bottle of this on hand to use when my dogs start scratching or licking!

  7. Tracie Fowler

    constant foot licking is Not normal health and the most likely cause is food or environment (like grass) allergy.

  8. Piperwest12

    My dogs first warning sign that he has his allergies acting up, is excessive paw licking. Keep an eye on that adorable face.

  9. Shari D.

    My dog did the same. Vets tried a lot of things, but my sister (who is in health care) told me to buy Zymox shampoo and rinse on Amazon. It solved it in one bath. This stuff is antibacterial and antifungal.


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