8 Responses to “Golden-locks, that’s not your bed!”

  1. Smartypants

    The grass is always greener…it’s more comfy because it’s not hers! 🙂

  2. DogMom

    My Doberman used to like to sleep squeezed in to her Kelpie sister’s small crate, leaving her enormous crate open for her sister. (We never closed the doors on the crates, so they came and went as they pleased.). Go figure

  3. stella

    Obviously, Lilly can’t read well and thinks the “Lilly” monogram says “Poppy” (did you opt for some fancy-shmancy cursive font?). She is probably wondering why the little dog gets the bigger bed.

  4. Paula

    Our lab sleeps in the small chihuahua bed and the chihuahua sleeps in the large ab bed. Too funny.


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