13 Responses to “I Did This”

  1. Nay

    Firstly, love your name, Henry! So very regal. Secondly, think of the positive – what was he saving you from? Mopping? Dangerous worm? Making new flooring decision?

  2. Mr. Bawkbagawk

    he is trying to get at the evil clown in your crawlspace. sweet dreams.

  3. Setbland

    My friends lab dug into the apartment below. Needless to say they relocated shortly after that.

  4. liz prindle

    I’m sure it’s an improvement….a lab would NEVER do such a thing unless it were to improve the property. (Sorry….I can’t keep a straight face anymore.) This dog is a riot, and I guess all I can do is wish you all the best. He’ll be a handful!! If you’re anything like me, you’ll love every minute…it’s all good!

  5. Pupsnuggler

    Was there any gold under there? Or at least dog treats? Maybe you dropped some gravy or something at some point. He’s gorgeous.

  6. cleo1dc

    What Henry here is trying to say is: “mom, these tiles were put by people that did not use enough of the right stuff to make sure it’s not coming off, you’re welcome! next time get better work done on the floor, can we get green tiles instead?”…


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