13 Responses to “It was totally worth it…”

  1. Pupsnuggler

    Oh no! The poor thing. He/she looks sorry now. Your poor wallet too. Ouch.

  2. katie

    Who would think a lab would swallow anything?!?!?!? hahaha! We are on our second tennis ball…..removed with an endoscope last Tuesday!

  3. j4ckl3 (@j4ckl3)

    When we rescued out Basset, she was barely a year old and the previous owner couldnt pay the doctor bill for doing the same thing, so they left her with a local basset rescue who paid for it. Adopting her was one of the greatest things in my life as she is our baby.

  4. Anna

    I used to give my black lab puppy tennis balls but thankfully my vet warned me about this before he got too big. Hope your baby is doing well!!

  5. Barbara Ann

    I am thankful for people who would do this for their pet. Being the owner of an allergic ($$$) dog
    who had a cataract removed ($$$), I underlstand!


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