11 Responses to “Look into my eyes”

  1. cor

    Haha, I thought he was a brown dog….then I looked closer…:/
    Too cute to be annoyed at that face though

  2. Mr. Bawkbagawk

    My american bully will eat anything she sees on a walk but her all time favorite is matted up chunks of cut grass, not the green stuff, no no, the brown dead rotting stuff. she will grab a chunk the size your open hand and then run to the end of her lead, wolfing down dead grass and w/e the lawnmower left behind. i have seen her puke up and otherwise pass stuff that a normal dog would need surgery for, i think they are part goat.

    • RhonInSac

      That’s funny, My American Bully loves grass, weeds, wood, bamboo and veggies. He walks to the lawn and rips out a chunk and chews it. He’s part vegan.

  3. Polly

    But Ma! I’m just masking my dawg-scent so I can go out and conquer the world without being detected!!

  4. RDiddy

    ABs may be the grossest dogs out there. Ours will eat anything. ANYthing. Loves to roll in mud, poo, dead things…. the stinkier the better. And I love her.


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