5 Responses to “Mom is always right….”

  1. LabFan

    Aw! Such a sweet face. My labs definitely not ready to be left alone. Chewed my make up bag and it’s content on my new white linen. No more make up and stained linen is all I have left.

  2. Lauren

    Same thing here, my partner thought that leaving the bedroom door open with our 7 month old doberman puppy inside while we went out for half an hour, he dug a massive massive hole in our brand new mattress!

  3. tj4vr

    My childhood lab ate things til the day he died. It’s what labs do. You just love them for who they are.

  4. polly

    our Lab & shibas are 7 years old… but still they are not ready to be left alone…
    a hole in the floor… the sofa cushions were completely destroyed… and baby toys were eaten…
    They act like …. “precious puppies”… still… and yes they are PRECIOUS!!


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