4 Responses to “No Vampires Will Ever Bother You Again”

  1. Rowan

    I went through IMHA with my min pin and it was absolutely the scariest thing we’ve been through together. Her counts got so low that she ended up needing a transfusion and was on medication afterwards for six months. Thankfully, she has been in remission (it is never considered cured) for over 2 years now and we are very careful to not allow any onion related products to hit the floor. It was definitely the end of our dogs getting any sort of table scraps as well and we are OCD about watching for orange coloured pee.


    Those peepers are very scary.
    Don’t look directly into them or you will be sorry.

    • Aramat

      I think I looked directly into his eyes . . . . there is no dog but Brownie . . . .


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