8 Responses to “The Devil Made Me Do It”

  1. Rose

    Doug is a most terrific dog name. He would have gotten on well with my late cat, Kevin. He was a surprise-biter, also.

  2. Evelyn

    Maybe Doug is a better judge of character than you think? As always, keep your pool fenced, keep your cabinets locked and never leave your child alone with clergy.

  3. Kpupfly

    Doug is the cutest thing ever! He looks just like my girl we lost 9 years ago to rattlesnake bites. Our girl was a Parson mix, with the softest hair. Such a character! We loved her so. Keep Doug away from snakes.

  4. denise jones

    yeah— my mom’s priest would come over and as soon as he sat down and crossed his legs, mom’s poodle would hump his leg. EVERY. TIME.


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