18 Responses to “We need to talk. Please, have a seat.”

  1. Deb

    OMG I laughed so hard when I saw this pic! Hahahaha!! What a sweetheart. He looks mortified 🙂

  2. monique

    the seat was up while he was getting a drink and it fell down on his head. He freaked and pulled off the seat.

    • p

      Agree! They are tall dogs so he could have easily bumped it while he was drinking. A guy down the street has one, Viggo. LOVE that dog.

  3. Dee

    He truly looks remorseful. Beautiful dogs….often mistaken for Pit Bulls. There’s a great book written about a Dogo Argentino called “Oogli”. It’s a wonderful read..

  4. Ann Y.

    I laughed so loud when I saw this that my sleeping dogs jumped up lol! He does look remorseful. And he is gorgeous!


    He is going to be the butt of all the jokes at the dog park, when his friends see him.

  6. Smartypants

    He says “I heard it was called a ‘throne’ so I figured it was for me because I am so noble!”

    • Lacy

      Somehow I just saw this response. Baron is my dog and he’s a rescue. His ears were cropped well before he came into our lives.


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