26 Responses to “What do you think this cutie did?”

  1. AngelaS

    Very cute dog who is clearly ashamed, but my least favorite Dog Shaming ever.

  2. SeaJayde

    So what’s the point of submitting a pic? That’s like the Postsecret entries that are just ‘No-one wants to know my secret’ or words to that effect. Attention seeking, seems like.

    • SeaJayde

      What dog could eat a bear?

      (Yes that was a joke to hide the fact that I don’t understand why people spell poo with a h when they mean shit and not the honey eating, friendly simpleton)

  3. Bridget

    If you were trying to keep from giving my dog ideas, it was probably a lost cause. Her grossness capability is rather broad.

  4. RMeMom

    Think one of the grossest things any of our dogs has done is attempted to eat another one’s vomit.

  5. chickadeerc

    I have a dog that eats my daughter’s dirty disposable diapers out of the trash…. and drags the remainders of them throughout the house… that’s pretty gross.

    • Smartypants

      LOL – that’s when you get a Diaper Genie…and bolt it to the floor! 🙂

  6. Teresa

    Shame on the person who posted this and did not give facts…and thanks to those who owned up to the gross laughs!

  7. shannon

    I am going to guess this was a case of the one-dog canine centipede. That is: pooped, ate that, vomited, then ate that, then pooped again, then ate that, then vomited, etc.

  8. Bobnla

    Asked my wife if she was feeling ok. She replied, “no, kind of an upset stomach. Oh? Kind of nauseous, you know, like that feeling you get when you see something gross? No, I reply, we have 5 dogs now and with the poop, vomit and, dead things they bring in and roll in that I end up cleaning up, I really don’t know that feeling anymore.


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