12 Responses to “Working on my new cleanse”


    I wouldn’t stand behind him when those slicked up poops come flying out.

  2. Leelee

    My chihuahua, Shandy-George, ate a smear of Vaseline practically every day of her almost 16 years of life! She was well lubricated!

  3. polly

    One of our dogs did it too… and his butt exploded… other than that… he was okay.

  4. Michelle

    When we got our 3 year old rottie last year, he ate a car battery. Have no idea how he got it off the workbench. It wasn’t on it’s side or anything. It ended right side up on the floor. He gnawed the caps off, then we guess got a mouthful or snoot full of battery acid and stopped. He and our senior dog, Nash, cleared of the garage after that, and it took my husband three hours to clean it up.
    The dog lived. Wasn’t even sick. Still don’t know how that’s possible, but he is.


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