8 Responses to “You chose wrong”

  1. Skrael

    Had to look for a minute to see the broccoli! Good choice, doggie! I pity the people who have to smell your farts, though.

  2. Lucia Giovannetti

    I had a dog just like that, Every time I opened the fridge, she would sneak in under me, grab the broccoli and run off to eat it. I also had another dog who would pick all our green beans off the vine. We had to plant a green bean garden for him and the one for the family had to be fenced off to keep him out. He also preferred bread over meat.

  3. Nephrolepis

    My dogs love broccoli (two chihuahuas) and they don’t have any gaseous disasters from eating it. They prefer it steamed, but they’ll go after it raw as well. I’ve always been curious to leave the grocery bags unattended though, because my Spock loves bread. I’d enjoy seeing a chihuahua wrestle with dragging a baguette away.


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