14 Responses to “You’re why mommy drinks, Whiskey.”

  1. Wayside Artist

    I’m not sure how old you are, but you remind me of a long ago yellow lab who settled down around age 3. After cutting her out of a kennel with bolt cutters when she was 1, I started taking her to work with me. I was lucky, I know. Whiskey will settle in time.

  2. Barbara l hayes

    Exercise exercise…wear her out romping! Works very time…she gets bored!

  3. K Southwick

    Looks very much like my Kiska! He’s now 5, and a really good dog and love of my life, but in the beginning…2 Tivo remotes, cell phone, bluetooth headsets (3) pillows, throw rugs, and I didn’t have a roll of toilet paper on the holder until December 2013

  4. Roan Harris

    Much loved Black lab, Jack- shoes too may to mention, gloves, doors decking, clothes, blankets, beds. We love him so much, he came on holiday to France and emigrated to Canada with us (many 000’s of $, but still gives more than he takes)

  5. Ginger

    She probably has anxiety. Being locked up may cause her to act out. Also boredom, or loneliness when your at work. Sounds crazy but another dog that is older may help. OR even younger that she can mother or teach. They behave differently when they have a partner.
    Just a thought or two. 🙂 good luck

  6. Julia a

    So funny! We have a male completely black German Shepard also named Whiskey. He and his littermate brother Wino love to “kill” every toy we give them within hours. They are good with shoes, pillows and furnishings. White Whiskey and black Whiskey (and Wino) would be perfect playmates!

  7. Cindi A

    My lab/pit mix has eaten 3 leather chairs, vinyl blinds, knocked down and broken furniture, eaten Italian leather boots, other shoes and sandals, pee’d and pooped in the house, and found her aunty’s “adult toy” and brought it to me all proud of herself. She had managed to turn it on. I still have emotional scars from that one.
    Dog day care and the passage of 4 years has eased the incessant energy.

  8. Melissa Brogdon

    She is beautiful! Try putting a Kong full of food in the kennel to occupy her.

  9. The other ghost girl

    Our dog chewed the siding off our house when he was younger. He’s mellowed with age and is now a chill indoor dog

  10. Alex

    I have a swiss shepherd called Henry and when he was a puppy he used to pull the covers off books and eat the stuffing out of lounges. His favourite game now is opening the bathroom door to come and offer moral support while on the toilet. Lovely.

  11. jaymay

    We have a white GSD who chewed on everything! He threw a breaker chewing on the cord of an electric heater, chewed through TWO air conditioner cords (that were plugged in and running), and a bathroom floor. Not to mention shoes, baby toys, furniture, and an outdoor kennel runner. He’s five now, and the best dog ever!


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