16 Responses to “Alex cries alone in the bathroom”

    • Sadie Mae

      My lab does too, It got to the point I used a bungee cord from the doorknob to the toilet paper holder just so she wouldnt get stuck

  1. DogMom

    Poor pooch….Maybe a folding door with a magnet? Pocket doors? Love that face!

  2. Stephanie

    Our lab/pointer mix does this. Completely shutting the door has solved the problem.

  3. Maria

    Silly puppy! My dog did that once, stayed for hours in the bathroom because I was gone, and after I let her out she never did it again!

  4. Lauren

    Aww don’t think he’s dumb, bad choice in words…maybe just a little challenged, or he’s the smart for getting you to come to his rescue and receiving attention.

  5. marcy

    You’d think by now the humans in the house would learn to keep the bathroom door shut, even when it is not in use.

  6. Smartypants

    What a sweet face! Yes, I think a doorstop would be a good investment. 😀

  7. Loretta Ellingsworth

    I throw a bath towel over the top of the door so that it won’t close completely

  8. Heather

    He’s not dumb, he’s trained you to open the door for him. Handsome little guy.


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