9 Responses to “At least this time it wasn’t the couch”

  1. Corrupt

    Abby is starting her career in being an interior designer… Perhaps you have not got the hint yet, the couch has got to go! It is not very pleasing to the animal kingdom and the pillows are atrocious! The animal kingdom prefers retro furniture that looks like it has been dragged in from the dump and smells like something has died on it.

  2. DogMom

    Ah! She has mastered the endearing, can’t-resist head tilt. You are now helpless before her.

  3. Lauren

    Oh my gosh! I want to give her kisses!!! Love the head tilt, it’s like cryptonite to us humans.

  4. Bens Mom

    Looks just like my Benny – German shorthaired pointer mixed with a Britney. Any chance this is his sister in RI?


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