7 Responses to “Bad to the Boone”

  1. mvz76

    OMG!! I thought it was just MY dog that did that!!! The trashcans in my home are all on top of side tables, etc.

  2. tj4vr

    I keep the cold/flu ones in a one gallon zip lock so the cats don’t drag them around. And it contains the germs.

  3. corianne

    I come from a family with perpetually runny noses. I’ve had to put the bathroom trash on the back if the toilet, and weigh down the other small trashcans with rocks to keep my shih tzus out of the snotty kleenex.

    Unfortunately, they’ve discovered that unused kleenex is just as fun (if not as tasty) to shred and spread.

  4. Muffy's Mum

    Lol my dog does this too! She even has a little routine where every morning she will grab a tissue while I’m having breakfast/shower and if there aren’t any dirty tissues she will climb up on my bedside table a pull a tissue out of the box then run outside to shred it! (Sometimes she just can’t wait and shreds it on my bedroom floor instead)


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