7 Responses to “Cat poop or bust!”

  1. Sassy's Mom

    I have my litter box blocked off, but my Sassy finds plenty of “kitty kandy” in my yard. Way too many cats roaming the neighborhood, creating a smorgasboard for dogs! Just gross like you said, but a useless battle!

  2. Stephanie Chin

    We bought a hollow core door for the laundry room/ basement door. We used a coffee can to make a Tom and Jerry cat sized mouse hole at the bottom. Much better than the gate

  3. Pittie Mom

    Benson is a very handsome boy. He does look concerned about this whole cat poo thing though; like he’s wondering if the store will no longer stock his favorite treat.

  4. quantakiran

    *Sigh* Doing the maths on your cat’s poo (what’s left there now versus what used to be left behind) and realising it’s a positive number 🙁


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