8 Responses to “caught bread-handed”

  1. Sarah

    Ha ha! He’s so cute! I think it’s so funny when they try to hide the evidence.

  2. Corrupt

    If you found the bag under the couch DOES NOT mean the dog ate it…. the mice could have stole the bread and then ran off with the bag and hid it (have you checked for mice lately) the cat could have done it (don’t have a cat) it is why you have the mouse problem…. one of the kids could have done it and were too lazy to put it in the garbage…. this is all circumstantial and does not prove anything…


      It appears by the way he is licking his lips that he has a serious case of cotton mouth.
      This is directly related to eating too much dry bread.

      He looks like a Lab. the bread had no chance.

  3. caroline

    My lab use to eat a whole loaf of bread, tortillas and dried ramen noodles, although, the evidence was always on his lips and whiskers, TOO CUTE!! I believe it for sure!

  4. Hallie

    I, too, have a Lab mix. I could leave a roast on the counter with no problem; leave a loaf of bread unattended for 2 minutes and you can kiss it goodbye.

  5. Lisa

    Gotta love the look on his adorable face. We had a lab that would steal bread, pies, buns, anything soft she could get. Turned out she had a bone stuck across the roof of her mouth. She never complained or let is know anything was wrong besides taking the soft goods.


    My Chocolate Lab loved Italian bread and pizza.
    Neither one ever stood a chance.


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