10 Responses to “Deployment box raid”

  1. Val

    Well, Almond Roca is awfully tasty — and consider this: the chocolate probably would have melted and created a mess during mailing anyway….

  2. Linda

    Mama should know that almond rocas are tooooooo good to pass up. Don’t be ashamed baby dog. My dogs would gave scarfed them before they were packed. Kisses to you.

  3. Smartypants

    Aww…he does look sorry! He says “I forgot my manners…thank you for serving, Papa!”

    Almond Roca is awesome. They have a new flavor now too – I forget, maybe butterscotch, or a different nut? The original is still the best.

  4. Kim Cronin

    What a beautiful dog. I’m sure that daddy will forgive all once he finds out that his baby is an internet star. Hope he’s home soon.


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