26 Responses to “Doggie bag destruction”

  1. christy brown

    Lol..thats his way of telling you that he knows whats going on and he is trying to stop it..lol..he is so cute!

  2. bethanne38

    I agree that he is trying to put a halt to the trip. That works out to five meals a day or three meals and two snacks per day. I am surprised that he can even move after eating it all.

  3. klw

    Where does it say how much food is in each bag? Are any of you this dog’s vet who may have put this dog on a special diet? We can’t see much of him, but I’m doubting he’s enormously overweight.

  4. Polly

    That’s what you get for LEAVING !! He KNOWS you’re going and he’s showing his displeasure.

  5. CCM

    The place I board my dog requires that you bag your food. One meal a day for adult dogs and two meals a day for puppies (You can send an extra bag or two in case they are needed). You can send treats in the container they come in (bag or box) plus they have their own. No Way would you send 75 meals for two weeks.

  6. Mojo's mom

    He is probably on a special diet where he has to eat several small meals a day rather than 2 big meals like most dogs. But I definitely think he was trying to punish mom for taking a trip without him. Love his teeth. 🙂

  7. Susan

    Leave mommy alone! She obviously loves her dog & put a lot of work and care into those packages! Who are you to criticize!

    • Gena Grejtak

      Amen Susan!! It’s obvious this lil guy it’s loved and well cared for…I’d say he’s a lucky puppy.

  8. Jen M.

    This is such a cute dog! Maybe 75 was a typo…but regardless this is one loved pooch

  9. Denise Lewis

    Lovely pooch, and for those stressing about the amount of bags, there’s no mention of how much is in each bag, so maybe, for many reasons, he has to have lots of small meals. 🙂

  10. Lisa

    I know someone the a dog that for dietary reasons has to eat little and often. 75 does seem like a lot but the dog is not fat so don’t worry yourselves about it.

    On another matter – I want a dog with an under it like this one! Lol x

  11. Kristin

    My dog is about this size and has to eat several small meals a day too…and yes, I put a bunch of different bags/tupperwares together before I travel. And yes, mine has a lunchbox too….I’m on your side!! 😀


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