13 Responses to “Fire ants got my weenie’s weenie”

  1. Juls

    Oh! Poor pupper! When my old dog and I first moved to Houston it was in the late fall, when fire ants are pretty dormant. She used to pee on the fire ant hills too – until the springtime, when they became active. We were walking home one evening and she kept pulling back on her leash – trying to lick all four paws, where they bit her! 🙁 Hang in there, little one!

  2. Pupsnuggler

    Wow, you obviously have a very different sort of ant where you live! Poor pup looks traumatized! I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m laughing uncontrollably but it’s ‘with’ him not at him. I promise!

  3. Lauren

    How sad!!! But the tongue twister comments are hilarious! Hope you heal fast Wally!


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