12 Responses to “I. MUST. STARE.”

  1. Lydia Lozano

    He is supervising you. He is a Supervisory Dog. He is making sure you do your tasks properly, including sitting down and watching TV. You are obviously incapable of going about your daily life without close supervision. So, yes, it is his job. I, too, have been closely supervised.

  2. Nomud

    is he deaf? My grandmother’s chihuahua was deaf and it had to stare at you because she obviously couldn’t hear you so had to judge by visual cues what you wanted.

  3. Aims

    I am supervised in the shower and bath by a labrador pervert. Then licked when I get out. Weirdo pervert!

  4. sarah

    I am continually supervised by a german shepherd. The toilet door has been gently opened on the few occasions where I rebel and try to enforce a bit of personal space.

  5. Grumpy

    Maybe that’s his why aren’t you feeding me or walking me or rubbing my belly or paying fetch with me or why don’t i have enough blankets look?

  6. AJ

    My parents dog does this when he wants something. You have to keep guessing. If he blinks at you that means no, if he licks that means yes. (sounds crazy but it really works) Most of the time he drives me nuts because I don’t know what he wants! I’ll have to call my mom and ask her what Rion wants and she’ll ask him over the phone. Mostly he wants to go outside to the fountain she installed for him to get a drink from the bubbler. Growing up I would have loved to be as spoiled as he is!

  7. Yarrow

    i have a creeper pug on occasion. she sits behind my couch in such a way that if i look back i can only see the top half of her head.


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