10 Responses to “I’m not taking any bull today!”

  1. madisonpage0208

    One of the tenant couple in our apt complex own an English Bulldog and they say he behaves the same “lazy/unmotivated” way. They love him regardless.

  2. HolliLoki (@HolliLoki)

    Aw, Piggy! Her paws look a little tender, maybe she doesn’t want to walk on them in the morning. If she’s not eating a grain-free kibble, switching to that might help.

  3. Delee

    Funny! My dog acts like a paraplegic…when he’s really stubborn he becomes a quadriplegic..ahhh a dogs life!

  4. Doug

    I have a Bulldog that hides every time it’s time to go out. Once I get her harness on she gives up. Sounds like you have a little more drama, funny!

  5. jenjelly

    I was so glad when our Shepherd mix grew too big to fit under the bed anymore… It was way too convenient for her to hide when it was time to do something she didnt want. I love this photo.

  6. Chance

    As a bulldog, I think Piggy and I are in fine company! While I love to walk, I will run and hide anywhere I can when the harness comes out and I’ve learned to lie down or two step to get out of it. I applaud bulldog shenanigans!


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