14 Responses to “Is it dinner time yet?”

  1. PeanutPup

    Aww, he is so cute! Jimi is trying to tell you that his inner clock would rather eat at 4:15. Maybe after all this time of him bugging you, it’s time to consider changing his mealtime. He looks awful sweet!

  2. tj4vr

    Maybe his little inner clock doesn’t handle the time changes twice a year. I know mine doesn’t.

  3. Shawn

    My boys always do the same thing! Doesn’t matter what their schedule is, they ALWAYS bug an hour or so before hand!

  4. Gayle

    My little old girl eats promptly at 5:00 pm. At 4:45 she starts hanging around and has been known to look us right in the face and tell us her dinner is late. Breakfast however needs to be served while she is in bed. What cutie.

  5. Bobbina

    I’m afraid I couldn’t resist that adorable face and would have to serve appetizers!

  6. K

    He’s just making sure you don’t forget. He knows exactly what time it is. My girl would start reminding me an hour before hand and it would get more intrusive the closer it got to 6pm

    • Gekko

      I know just what you mean. My girl starts bugging me at around 4 pm if I’m home, but dinner isn’t until more like 6 pm. And it does get more intrusive as time wears on! And she’s teaching her recently adopted brother to do the same thing! I was hoping they could teach each other their good behaviors, but it seems they are picking up all the bad habits instead.

  7. Aramat

    Well, no wonder he’s cranky, he has little bows in his hair! I mean, he may be part poodle, but he’s not that french!

  8. ksheasley

    The dog I’m housesitting does that, too. She’ll whine at me and nose at my hands to get them off my computer, and when I tell her to stop it, she’ll sit down and guilt-trip me with big ol’ Labrador eyes.


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