6 Responses to “Self-Serve Food Bin”

  1. silver

    We made the mistake of leaving the food bin accessible to our bull mastiff who was cleaver enough to get it open, eat so much out of it then close it again. Took us a while to realize how the food was going faster then it should.

    • RK

      If your dog is smart enough to close the lid in order to not get caught, I think he deserves the food.

    • Pupsnuggler

      I’m still trying to find a bin that will fit in my closet because my cat chews open a small hole at the back of the dog food and snacks! Oh yeah, he can open doors. I’m impressed by the cleverness of your mastiff. If the little one up top was any bigger I bet she’d put the lid back on too.

      • tj4vr

        I can only keep my cat out of 2 places. The fridge and nightstand. So weird things show up in my fridge. When did someone decide animals couldn’t open things…. misconception.


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