7 Responses to “Some ladies don’t like pedicures”

  1. bluejuliej

    My otherwise sweet, friendly and laid-back pup LOATHES mani-pedis too. To the point that a nail trim involves a muzzle, one specific vet (not the other three who share her practice) and TWO vet techs — and it is very traumatic for all parties.

    • Julia

      I have the same problem with my 8y/o mutt. She truggled so badly she more than once ended-up with a bloody toe, to the point she had diahrea everytime I clipped her nails. I started to expose her to the clipper, just leaving it next to her, then just touched a nail with the clipper and give her a treat. After many days of touching/treating, I clipped one nail, just a bit, and made a big fuss giving lots of treats. It is still a work in progress but it gets better every time.
      Good luck

  2. Suzanne

    I don’t like pedicures either; I endure them because no one should have to look at my naked toes ( they’re quite hideous). Athena, I’m with you

  3. Stacy Young (@sayhi2Stacy)

    If you walk her on the pavement and let her pull, that will help to naturally trim her nails. I do this with my black lab and haven’t had to trim her nails for over a year. I really like Julia’s approach to get her more comfortable with the nail clippers, never thought of doing that.


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