10 Responses to “Tastes Like Chicken”

  1. marcy

    My lab likes to lick up drips of laundry detergent (which I discourage, of course).

    Perhaps some laundry detergent got on the wall and that is what made it so appetizing for Duece

    My lab has left the drywall alone, but he love spackling paste. If I patch a hole in the wall, he will lick the spackle out of it (so I have to cover it until it is painted)

  2. tj4vr

    My parents had a dog that licked holes in drywall and it turned up to be a sign of anxiety and puppy ocd. A little puppy paxil and he was good!

  3. Spider's mum

    That drywall must have been good. Judging from the photo Duece is mighty pleased with himself 🙂

  4. Deborah Ali

    He is so cute he didn’t mean it. Make sure it is not going to do any harm to that sweet dog.


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