14 Responses to “The Panth-ion”

    • DeeDee

      Amen! I have a hard time paying $50 for a haircut for my dog. $100? Nope.

  1. Kelly

    PWD? Each haircut gets a little better and eventually people will ask what your going rate is.

  2. Jen M.

    This made me laugh! My husband did this to our dog and she looked like half pig half lion 🙂

  3. madisonpage0208

    That haircut looks fabulous!!! But then again it’s their humans who are obsessed with looks. The dogs never care. We always make it about the dogs; not what other people think 😉

  4. Aramat

    And, just think of all the treats they can buy you with the money your peoples saved!

  5. Polly

    I think it looks GREAT! But madisonpage0208 is right on the money with that observation: the dogs don’t care! I’ll bet this pup is comfortable in the heat! Gosh, I have reservations even paying $45 for a cut!

    • Jakey's Mum

      My pup’s mani-pedi’s cost 4x what mine do — mostly because she loathes nail trims to the point that only ONE vet (not the other 3 vets or 10+ techs) can cut her nails. It takes that vet, a muzzle and at least one other tech to get the muzzle on.

      Suzy is the sweetest, most lovable, most easygoing dog on the planet — so long as you don’t try to cut her nails!!


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