6 Responses to “These are nacho bags”

  1. ElTaco

    I got my dog a friend and he stopped going crazy when I left the house, but two dogs can be four times the work sometimes…

    • Milly and Muffy's Mum

      With you there! I thought it wouldn’t be much different to looking after one but no, just double the trouble!


    It wasn’t his fault.
    The plastic bag monsters ganged up on him. It looks like it was an epic battle, but he prevailed.
    He is a hero !

  3. stella

    I knew a guy whose dog started going crazy when he left the house. He took the dog to the vet, thinking maybe the dog had suffered a stroke or something, as the dog didn’t have trouble in the past. The vet asked if anything had changed at the house. The guy replied that they had recently gotten new blinds to replace the curtains. The vet suggested that he leave the blinds a little open next time he leaves. It did the trick. The dog just wanted to see his daddy leave.


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