7 Responses to “Trash Dog”

  1. Maisy's Mom

    You know what they say….One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!

  2. Mooba

    My mini Schnauzer does the same thing! I showed him this dog’s picture, but he was not ashamed, nor is he remorseful.

  3. Lori Makuch

    Your mini schnauzer is too cute! I grew up with two mini schnauzers, and they both loved trash cans. It was an almost daily ordeal to keep them out of it! But they were thebest dogs ever, I miss them!

  4. simim

    At first I just read the text and didn’t study the picture too well, and thought your dog was straddling the trash can and pooping in it, which I thought was mighty impressive and not shameful at all.

    …. Then I realized what you meant. I liked my original idea better.


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