14 Responses to “Tug-O’-Bra…”

  1. Dee

    They are too cute and look like they’re saying “What?? Who me?” Too bad about the bra….it looked like a nice one.


    Too bad you missed out on the fun.
    I wonder who went flying when it finally broke ?

  3. Smartypants

    Look at those expectant faces – “Mom, we made slingshots…come play with us!” 😀

  4. Julia Germs

    Best it happen with then, instead of the faulty stitching breaking while Mom is out wearing it in public!

    • Kay Gowen

      You are going to LOVE having JRT’s for pets. They are the best. Mine is the best dog I have ever known in 56 years,,, forgive, and ENJOY!!!

  5. Brandi

    I have two Jack Russells also! Best dogs ever! Although I think the bra chewing thing must be bred into them..lol! Its really hard to stay mad at those adorable faces though!

  6. Toni

    I have a mini schnauzer named Rupert. I also have a JRT and his name is Jack. He was never really a chewer but he is a pistol. He takes crap from no one. I love him to bits and he is too smart for his own good.


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