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10 Responses to “Two corgis for the price of one”

  1. Cheryl

    My chow mix is the same way. I usually give up for a few days after an hour of brushing. The Corgi is cute as a button!

  2. Heather

    I have the same if not more fur after brushing my Rough Collie. Your Corgi is beautiful.

  3. DogMom

    Impressive! You should trying spinning it into knitting skeins and making mittens!

  4. Sheila Brooks

    Fur removed makes good bird nest material. My dog’s undercoat makes baby bird blankets

  5. Debbie

    I have often said, during shedding season, that I could knit up a whole ‘nother dog – were I to spin all that fur into yarn – with what I brush out of my border collie mixes. (The bigger shedder of the two passed away in April – might take me a little longer to knit up another dog with what the younger one sheds, but not THAT long! :-P)

    Your corgi is ADORABLE, OMG!


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