8 Responses to “Unpatriotic Dog Doesn’t Want to Participate!”

  1. tj4vr

    Awe… poor guy. But he should be celebrating his freedom this 4th! And that he’s alive in a great forever home!

  2. Patty

    Give him plenty of other things to chew especially scented or flavored ones to get him chewing the right stuff

  3. Elaine

    Your friend doesn’t care to wear anything on his body, respect that. Does he get plenty of things that are his to safely chew? Sounds like a bit of anxiety, you know how people chew their nails, fingers etc.? My dog hates it when I put on her jacket to keep her warm when out walking on cold days/nights and once tried to get her to wear a hat, she would not have any of it, LOL….


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