9 Responses to “What the fluff?”

  1. Lori

    It’s soft stuffing, inside or outside the bed… it serves it’s purpose. Lol. As long as he doesn’t eat it, that is. 🙂

  2. Jen M.

    We go thru this at my house, too! And yet we keep buying them…because we feel to bad to have him sleep on the floor.

  3. Sandra Molinari

    My boy does the same thing. I have just invested in a supposedly chew proof bed. Have not gotten it yet. I hope it works. Maybe you should look into one too. Lol

  4. Smartypants

    Aww…what a pretty girl! She says “It’s just the way I like it.”

  5. Gail

    Yep, we did 4 beds in a month earlier this year. I found some very thin pads in chiltern mills for £1 each and bought 5! We are on the second one after 3 months. I don’t think he likes the comfort as he usually shoves it out the way and sleeps on the floor of his crate. At least that’s his decision and I don’t feel guilty.

  6. Monkeyboy

    Boxer are nesters. Give Bea a few soft blankets instead, then she can move them around her kennel however she likes. We went through a couple dog beds with our boxer before we learned this secret . 🙂


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