10 Responses to “bathroom compatible buddies”

  1. augette82

    since when is it ok to shame children??! I love this website, but i have to disagree with this idea of assimilating children to pictures, i find it humiliating to be put beside a dog and be pointed at because yoy are a child and still have plenty to learn

    • NJ_Mom

      Seriously, are you the morality police? This doesn’t shame the child. She had fun, Mom had fun, the dog had fun. This is not the face of a child being humiliated next to her pet in a photo. Frankly, as she will most likely find out as she grows up, this might be one of the nicest things people ever post about her on the Internet.

    • labrescue

      Gimme a break! Everybody knows toddlers don’t flush the toilet. It’s not shaming the kid! It’s hilarious! Get a life!


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