10 Responses to “Bentley gives no Ducks”

  1. Dawne

    Well, that’s the best part about toys with squeakers…pulling it apart until the squeaking stops! duh.

    • Leslie

      I should have my MD given all the “stuffie surgery” I’ve performed over the years! LOL Cute doggy!

  2. Davielle

    3 days?! No amount of “surgery” Will save a stuffed squeaky toy in my house after 3 minutes! That face! So cute!

  3. mvz76

    He’s obviously “gifted and talented”. I mean, he could even be an engineer or inventor with that kind of curiosity!! And who could stay mad at that adorable face?

  4. Betty

    You have to admit that the duck looks like it had it coming. I’d say Bentley was just trying to protect the household.

  5. Brenda Smith

    My dog had a toy monkey he “unstuffed” so I bought him a new one. When he did the same to that one I told him I wasn’t buying him another. He carried around that poor unstuffed monkey carcass until he died.


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