17 Responses to “Buford regrets nothing”

  1. jatravartid

    What a face 🙂 Well, in case you didn’t have enough ventilation in your bathroom, it is solved now 😀

  2. Shawn

    I bet your husband’s face shows more shame than Buford’s!! (and I love the name Buford! Definitely fitting for a coonhound!)

    • Dana

      I agree, Megan – I have a Walker hound who only looks vaguely remorseful if he thinks it will earn him a treat or an extra walk. We are on to him.

  3. Corrupt

    Buford was doing quality testing in the bathroom and he has discovered a couple of things
    1. The humidity is a little high and needs more ventilation…he thought he would assist you with that until it could be rectified
    2. The door is very thin and if all doors throughout the home were made like this it is not very safe from burglars. He would advise you to get some solid wood doors that takes more than 30 minutes to chew through.
    3. His last recommendation is he thinks the male owner who over slept should be on this sitel… he had FOUR mistakes and there is not one picture of him on here… where as Buford was only doing qualilty testing and ended up on this page somehow…

  4. george

    Great dogs, I love ’em. Except the shedding part.
    But the are a bit insecure. But smart too, he got out right?
    My treeing walker is the best dog I ever had (‘cept the shedding…)


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