7 Responses to “Catpitis dolores”

  1. tj4vr

    My cat Imo, who looks exactly like this, is also called Senor Naughty Pants. He woke me up from a migraine trying to break into the nightstand to get treats. Maybe they are related. 😛

  2. jrouse614

    Monkey, the three legged monster, also looks just like this. He has been known to eat headphone cords at a rate of three a week. He also waits until we are asleep to try to (loudly) break into my closet, then jumps on the bed and hits the dogs to make them move so he can get comfortable. Good thing he is adored, because otherwise…..

  3. Alice

    At least it was a ball she was “trying to kill” on your bed. Better than a live mouse or your last roll of toilet paper. She is ADORABLE!


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