20 Responses to “Dead asleep”

  1. Polly

    This makes me sad because the dog looks just like my Beedee, who I lost two years ago. She would sleep like this for hours without moving. She was more than 15 years old when it was her time to go. I still miss her.

  2. Martha Ellis

    I do the same thing with my 17 year old cat. Sometimes I walk over just to check that he is breathing because I can’t see his rib cage going up and down.

  3. Cheryl

    What a cutie! Old dogs deserve to sleep as long as they want, anywhere they want, and any position they want!

  4. Jmper

    My parents Cocker does this as well. Although he snores loud enough to wake the dead so they don’t feel the need to check on him!

  5. Jess

    aww what a sweet dog 🙂 what kind is he? chow chow?? I have 2 mutts that look just like this. so peaceful when they sleep 🙂


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