16 Responses to “I have senioritis”

  1. Karla Kenyon

    Why is he a failure? Why is he wearing antlers? I don’t understand this posting, and it seems cruel to blame a dog because nobody wants him when he’s old.

  2. Puppy Tanner

    Perhaps the failure is that the foster home decided to keep sweet senior antler head after a year, failing to adopt him out. I’d say that’s a win.

  3. Kathy

    Took me awhile to figure it out as well, I think he found a family. No longer a foster dog, hence a “foster failure”.

  4. gc

    “foster failure” is what foster parents call it when they end up adopting their foster animal. Giving up a foster dog is very hard for foster parents, even though we know its going to a good home and will hopefully have a wonderful family life. We grow to love our foster kids in a very short amount of time; I cry for days when a foster leaves me. I did end up adopting a dog i was fostering because he had been with me a few months and i could not give him up. I love him more than anything, but in the fostering world, he is referred to as a “foster failure” its always said with love.

    • Jmper

      Thanks for explaining. I was slightly confused as to the failure part but now it totally makes sense.

    • Gena Grejtak

      Thank you for explaining. At first this post seemed sad but finding a family that loved him too much to let him go is a win-win. I’m afraid I’d have a lot of foster failures. I get so attached to those adorable lil faces. Thank you too everyone who fosters!! You are truly special, loving people!!

  5. Jennie

    Thank you for explaining “Foster Failure”, I too was confused. I think he is adorable.

  6. Keri

    My rescue needs to be the only dog in the home or I have a feeling is have 2-3 foster failures myself. I can’t imagine letting one go!

  7. Smartypants

    The best kind of “failure” ever. Hope you and Hugh have many happy years together! Good boy!


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