15 Responses to “I live in the garage now”

  1. Angelika Raspel

    I hope it’s a joke! Such a lovely dog… living in the garage? NO, please!!!

    • Alex

      I was thinking the same thing! I hope this is one big joke! This dog is too sweet to be living in a garage!!

    • BB

      Ummm… Me too!! ..I hope its a joke..A trip to the groomer would solve it..They have special shampoo for that. sorry, but this is a bad one..:(

  2. Dana

    I hope it just means that he is in the garage for a little while as he awaits a bath… That face – aw. 🙁

  3. trina

    tomato jucie works well let it sit on him and dry then wash off may take a couple times

  4. Bobnla

    In case you have not heard about this, there is a great recipe for removal that I have used. Two different dogs at two different times got sprayed.

    1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (bottle)
    1/4 cup Baking Soda
    1 teaspoon liquid soap
    (Dawn Dishwashing Detergent is often recommended, but any dish soap will work)
    A little water (to react with the soap to enable you to see where you have cleaned.)

    Mix in an open container (bucket or bowl); it will be fizzy, a clue that you shouldn’t try to mix it or store it in a bottle or other closed container. (Although I pored the mixture in a water bottle and cut a hole in the top to make it a shaker bottle)
    Thoroughly wet your dog with warm water and then the solution while it is still bubbling.
    Knead it well into his coat, to chemically alter every bit of the thiols on his hair.
    Be careful to keep the formula out if the dog’s eyes, nose and mouth; you can use a sponge or washcloth to carefully wipe it onto his face. Let the solution stand for a few minutes before rinsing.
    Instantly takes out the smell.
    I didn’t get it far enough down the first time as some of the spray got to the skin, so be sure to get it that far down.
    We now keep a couple bottles in the medicine cabinet.

    • stella

      This “shampoo” recipe works really well, but the longer the oils are on the dog the more difficult it is to remove the smell. So you may need to wash more than once to get rid of the smell, even if you did get down to the skin.

      Also, If the smelly skunk oil hasn’t spread to all parts of the dog, you should only get wet and wash the areas that smell. Making the whole dog wet will spread the smelly oils.

      And if the original post isn’t a joke – bear in mind that the concrete in your garage will absorb some of the oils from the dog. If you don’t try to remove the smell from the dog, your garage may smell for months. Happened to a friend – except the dog laid down outside.

    • Lisa

      This recipe works very well to remove skunk odor. However, it is very caustic and can damage a dog’s eyes or nose, so you have to be especially careful when you use it. Also, it is highly volatile because of the chemical reaction when hydro peroxide and baking soda are combined, so it is not safe to store it. Discard it after you’ve used it.

  5. Kim

    Uptight people…..he’s probably in the garage until they can get him bathed. The same thing happened to my Lab and he was put on a 20 ft. lead outside until I got the stuff to bathe him. It was about 40 degrees…does that make me a bad person. geez..can’t take a joke


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