5 Responses to “Mistie’s Dingly Dangly Problem”

  1. LauraC

    I have long hair. It ends up everywhere, and somehow my male boxer ingests a strand here and there, causing his poop to dangle. I feel bad for him, but it’s so funny to see him running from his poop!

    • c

      I normally avoid advising pet parents on the care of their babies but i must in this case. Please please stop this behavior. It can cause SEVERE intestinal obstructions.

  2. Jen M.

    This is so funny! It IS hilarious when this kind of stuff happens! They run and look behind them like someone is chasing them!

  3. Tinky

    haha when the poop thing happens to my pup he looks ever so sad. I get eyes the size of plates staring at me. (I know it’s not good, I try to avoid it and I do help him)


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