12 Responses to “No 2nd date..”

  1. Keri

    My friend’s dog did that to her now-husband on their first date. I remember he was very gracious about it, and wouldn’t let her pay him for the lost cash and a new wallet. It was a good sign he was a keeper.

  2. Juls

    My old dog Gypsy did NOT like one of my dates at ALL. She sat in between us, glaring at him, and when he tried to pet her she snapped at him. He left skid marks in the driveway… Oh well, she was a good judge of character. (But I like Computiac’s answer too. 🙂 )

  3. Peg

    The first time my Sasha met my now-hubby, she bit his leg & wouldn’t let him near me!


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