11 Responses to “Pavlov’s Theory in action”

  1. Jenn

    My one dog runs too! We don’t even get the bottle out or invert the bottle until we are ready! And then she is the drama queen, rubbing her ears on the carpet, her bed, her sister’s bed, etc.

  2. Juls

    Bear does the same thing! When I pick up the bottle he does the slo-mo “if I creep away quietly she won’t notice I’m gone” crawl. (Invisibility is hard when you weigh 60 lbs). Even bribing with treats doesn’t work.

  3. jennifer

    An old-school vet I know recommends boric acid in the ears, just a small pinch once a day to keep ears clean and dry. That might be an alternative worth looking into.

  4. Tara

    I have the opposite issue – one dog gets hers cleaned and her ear meds, and I have to do a placebo for the other dog because she gets jealous!

  5. Jackie

    I have to clean our Bellas ears out with wipes, and she tries to hide under the sofa when I approach, thing is, shes too big to get under there!


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