18 Responses to “Pick on someone your own size!!”

  1. Marcia

    Oh my! What a little ball of bravery! I’m so glad he’s OK. He’s obviously worth whatever the vet bill was – and much more!

  2. Kari M.

    Poor guy! Glad he’s okay! My baby has a scar below her eye from a coyote. My German Shephard and Lab saved her before I could even get out there!

  3. denise

    Has the heart of a Lion! Goodness me though, coyotes, and there’s me worrying about foxes…

      • corianne

        My guy is more of a bully than brave. I’ve seen him bark at another dog, have the other dog snap at him, then both dogs turn tail and run in opposite directions.

  4. madisonpage0208

    It’s a not the size of a dog; it’s the size of a fighter in a dog! Our first rescue terrier (all 10 lbs of him!!!) had more than one occasions proved that saying … scared the bejesus out of us tho’!!! Funny thing is he would tremble and cry at a sight of a cat :-/

  5. Shannon

    I know how you felt. My little 20 pound chiweenie took on a dog 3 or 4 times her size. The larger dog bit down on her head (entire head) and wouldn’t let go. My fiancé managed to get the larger dogs jaws open just enough so I could pull my pup away, but not with out giving up his own little finger. But in the end my baby walked away with one or two teeth marks on her neck and didn’t even have to go to the vet. My fiancé on the other hand went to urgent care with a bite wound that went straight through his finger. In the end it cost us $60, a pair of pants and our relationship with our next door neighbor.

  6. Ashley

    He looks so sweet and innocent…he thinks he’s a wolf in sheeps clothing! I always say I wish my boy was brave (he’s scared of EVERYTHING) but I’m thankful my boy isn’t this brave!

  7. MrsD

    The best defense is a good offense..
    Well maybe only if you weigh more than a sack of sugar.


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