27 Responses to “Poor Application Technique”

  1. mv

    By far one of my fave on this site. She’s too cute! Now she needs to get her nails done to match her lipstick. Lol!

  2. Rena

    “I feel pretty
    Oh so pretty
    I feel pretty and witty and gay
    And I pity
    Any girl who isn’t me today”

    or look out, for he is using his war-paint and some money to get ready for a fight with the neighbour’s cat 😉 Anyway, he looks so charming!

  3. Adrienne

    It means he loves you! Your lipstick tasted and smelled of you.
    He ‘s too cute! Hope you didn’t get too mad at him 😉

    • Rita

      My thoughts as well. When my Shih Tzu was a puppy he would get in my backpack and chew my gum.

  4. Marcy

    What is he trying to tell you? He’s trying to tell you that you don’t need cosmetics to make you look different – You are already beautiful without them.

    Then again, he probably thinks cat poop is delicious, so what does he know?

    • marcy

      Note to moderator – As I was falling asleep last night, what I posted popped into my head and I realized that it wasn’t nearly as funny as I thought it was when I typed it. Actually, it seems a rather rude, which was never my intention. If you decide to post it, please remove the second paragraph. Or you can just delete the whole thing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Alice

        Oh, NO Marcy! The second paragraph is HILARIOUS. And anyone with dogs and cats knows how utterly true that is. Every time I see an ad for “gourmet dog food,” I laugh hysterically.

  5. Leslie

    Maybe he’s does a drag show at night? Ruby red lips and dollar bills sounds like a night job to me! LOL


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